Do Wessex Internet Provide E-mail addresses?

Email settings.

Wessex Internet do no provide customers with E-mail addressees such as This is because we believe that most customers will already have an existing email address they wish to use. If you do not have an E-mail address, or would like to change it away from your previous ISP, there are many free and feature-rich choices available such as Gmail or (previously Hotmail).

Settings for sending emails (outbound SMTP server).

If you already have an E-mail account with another provider, you may find that you can receive emails with your Wessex Internet connection, but you cannot send them. This may because your E-mail provider was your old Internet provider and they only allowed you to use their SMTP server when on their network.

If you need a new SMTP relay server, we can provide you one to use. This SMTP server is not for sending large quantities of E-mails, of for any commercial use.

Server name:
Port: 25
Authentication: none
Access: Only when connected to the Wessex Internet network
Restrictions: Not for commercial use; only 200 E-mails per 24 hours accepted.

Important Note: Our SMTP relay server is provided without any SLAs and is best endeavours.

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